Setting Intentions with a New Moon Ceremony

A New Moon Ceremony is the perfect way to set your intentions and connect with the cycles of nature.  We love to have a quick New Moon Ceremony every month as a fun way to connect and think about what we want to cultivate in the future, as well as reflect on what no longer serves us.  The new moon is a perfect time to reflect on our intentions and get motivated to make things happen.  

 It is such a fun and special time for us that I wanted to share a bit about our New Moon Ceremony in hopes of inspiring you to create your own.  

 What you will need:

  • Epsom or Sea Salts
  •  Bowls
  • Paper & Pens


  • Candles
  • Essential Oils
  • Sage or Lemongrass
  • Flowers, Petals or Leaves
  • Crystals
  • Mala Beads
  • Any other sacred items, or items that represent your intentions

First you will need to find a place to have your ceremony.  We’ve had them in the backyard, on the living room floor and on balconies overlooking the ocean.  Anywhere will do, but you want somewhere you feel connected and calm. 

We start by lighting our sage to cleanse the area and lighting a few candles. We divide the salt between us and spend some time talking about adventures we want to take and things we want to do.  It can be as simple as wanting to go swimming in a lake, or as complex as moving to a different continent.  Just have fun and don’t overthink it.  It can be so exciting to imagine all the possibilities for the future.  

We write out our intentions for the next month and pour our individual salt bowls to a big bowl along with any petals, crystals, malas or sacred items we have.   Then we close the ceremony by taking a moment to talk about what we are grateful for and blowing out the candles.  

Wether your New Moon Ceremony is long and elaborate, or short and sweet it is a sacred way to make sure that you nurture your intentions on a monthly basis, and make time to connect with those who matter most. 

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