Have you guys heard of The Love More Shop yet? If you haven't I highly encourage you to check out their adorable and fashionable line of apparel and home goods that all spread a message of loving more.  My favourite thing about The Love More Shop? They donate $2 from every purchase to the love fund. Each time the love fund reaches $100 they donate the money to one lucky couple to go out together and nurture their relationship or for single parents to take time for themselves. In their words "A united and strong family starts with united and caring parents." I couldn't agree more. 

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I asked Amanda, founder of The Love More Shop to share her favourite date night ideas when a sitter is not in the cards.  I can't wait to try them out! 

xx Heather

For many of us with small children it's difficult to get out for a care free evening with the one we love; and as Valentine's Day approaches we might want to do something special with our partners while our babes sleep. It's so important to make one on one time with our partners to nurture our love and keep our families strong, but when money is tight or you can't find a babysitter, it can be tough to get out of the house. So here are a few stay at home date night ideas for those of you with little ones or those of you that just want to avoid the crowds at restaurants. 

1. Hire A Masseuse...well, two

You know that some massage therapist come to your house with their tables, right? How relaxing would it be to have two come over for a couple massage after you tuck the babes in? Light a few candles, drink and glass of wine, diffuse some essential oils and get a massage in the comfort of your own living room. Sounds amazing to me. 

2. Play A Game

This one might not be that unique but playing a game with your partner can be awesome. I bet if you play games it's usually with your kids or other people. Play a game with just your partner. It's fun and probably a turn on.

3. Read to Each Other

Sometimes Isaac and I will read to each other and I love it. Usually, if I attempt to read to him he gets frustrated by my reading and takes over. I am not complaining because I would much rather be read to. It's even better if you fall asleep while being read to. Please no, "I am not a reader" excuses because you need to become a reader. Not being a reader shouldn't be a thing. Also, it doesn't have to be Shakespearean Sonnets or Anna Karenina. Read a magazine if that's what you like reading! It's about being together and sharing something.

4. Have A Beer Or Wine Tasting (or whiskey if that's your thing)

Buy a few bottles of local beers or wines to have a little at home tasting together. Act snobby and ridiculous calling out the hints of cilantro and pine and drink a little too much. Then make out. 

I live in Portland so we have an ABUNDANCE of local beers and wines. Hopefully you have some local brewers or wine makers too, but if not - check out Oregon exports. They promise to delight. 

ps. if you don't drink - taste something else... once we had a jalapeño chip tasting...

5. Fantasize

Light some candles make a pot of tea or open a bottle of wine and fantasize together. We often get caught up in the daily routine of work and taking care of our homes and families. We forget to dream or we slowly let certain dreams slip away. Remember when you were dating and you talked about your fantasies for life. You wanted to live abroad in France and walk to the market everyday, you wanted to buy a little house to renovate together, you wanted to take a Road trip through New England in the Autumn... You wanted to do a lot of things that maybe you have let fade into the background of life. So dream together! Then, decide to make something a reality! You aren't going to live forever - so forget all the reasons you can't do something and find a way to make it happen. Our kids deserve to see us dream and make those dreams a reality. Even if they are as simple as planting a tomato garden.

To help you dream you can always pull out some magazines to rip pages out of. Images that make you feel alive! Or bring out a paper and pen and write things down. Get crazy! Your dreams don't have to be realistic - just have fun!