It isn't always an easy task to find the perfect Mother's Day gift. This year we've compiled a list of very unique and beautiful gifts any woman in your life will love.


1. Moon Mama Tank

This super soft and cozy tank is a must have for the upcoming summer.

Reminding you that like the moon, everything is in a cycle of change. The Moon Mama Tank is a reminder to live with the cycles of nature and take time to set and reflect on your intentions. Comes in choice of black or cream.


2. Crystal Bar Soap - Moon Child

Not only is this soap beautiful, but it provides psychic protection, clearing the mind and senses and aids in lucid dreaming and calm sleep. And all mamas need that! Filled with a blend of ylang ylang, sage, patchouli, lime and sweet orange essential oils to connect you with your feminine energy, and make you feel beautiful and wholesome.


3. Sacred Legacy Arts- Classic Drop Ring in Sterling Silver

This ring is truly unique, as each stone is crafted from your very own inclusions and cured into a meaningful setting to display your most sacred legacies. You can include breast milk, loved ones ashes, and even umbilical. So you can always carry around a sacred keepsake with you. A handmade gift that is truly special to only you.


4.Wildbird Ring Slings - Rose Finch Chambray

Baby wearing is comfortable and stylish with this ring wrap! Leaving your hands free, and baby snug and happy it's the perfect way to transport baby, or just hang out at home. Comes in a beautiful light pink with nude cross threads, and your choice of black, rose gold, or silver ring.


5. Iron Wood and Wool - Fibre Art Hanging

The beauty and care that goes into creating these hoop and wool pieces is amazing, and any mama would be so lucky to receive one. They are gorgeous works of art, reminiscent of a dreamcatcher, and just as dreamy. Each piece is handmade in L.A, and smugded before leaving.


6. Enchanted Nature Mama Mala

The Enchanted Nature Mama Mala connects you to the cycles of nature, grounding you to the earth and encouraging you to look to the wilderness for renewal. Crafted with love and intention, Mama Malas are a beautiful, thoughtful gift for any mama in your life!


7. Kantha Bae - Wrap Carrier

These one of a kind stunning and colorful wraps are perfect for the wild at heart mama that loves bright, bold patterns. Using the beautiful Kantha fabrics (Kantha is a type of embroidery, especially popular in India), these unique, handmade wraps are also helping women in need around the world.


8. The Rose Gold Rebel - The Adventure Awaits Mug

We can't all live in the mountains, but this awesome mug sure helps the time in between! Whether your next adventure will be in the mountains, the cabin, or the park, remember you always need coffee (or tea) to fuel up first.


9. Moonrise Creek - Wildflower Aromatherapy Roll On

If there is going to be one perfume you get any mama this year, let it be this one.  Imagine yourself walking through a meadow full of wildflowers in bloom, the sun kissing your skin, the breeze gracing your every movement, pure nourishment to all your senses. Wildflower will bring forth ones innermost wild & free spirit. Made with healing essential oils, this is toxin, chemical and preservative free.


10. The Living Mantra

What better way to spend quiet, alone time than with a book? The Living Mantra is a collection of 108 mantras that can be used, chanted or repeated to ourselves to change our days. This phrases offer affirmation, inspiration and clarity. Randomly open the book and let it chose a mantra for you, or search for one that resonates with you. It allows these words to help you practice living your yoga.


11. Tofino Soap Co. Bohemian Crystal Candle - Chakra 7

Relaxing bath time or winding down with a book deserves a good candle. The tranquil blend of  vanilla, sandalwood & patchouli  create beautiful aroma perfect for your sacred space. It also contains a genuine Quartz crystal hidden inside! Quartz crystal is a powerful crown chakra stone known as the "Master Healer" bringing tranquility, Clarity & Insight. Handmade and natural.


12. The Conscious Mama Mala

You are attuned to your surroundings and aligned with the universe. Setting an intention of unity and connection the Conscious Mama Mala allows you to see the power you have in making the world a better place for yourself and your family.                           With every mala sold, we provide a clean delivery kit to a woman in need.



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