Six Stones to Help You Stay Present In Motherhood


Whenever I start to design a new line, I find there are a few stones that almost always find a way into the designs.

These stones inherent properties are so helpful for the needs of motherhood that I keep being drawn to them again and again.

Some channel strength, others presence, and many help strengthen your intuition. Below are my five favorite stones when designing mala beads and gemstone bracelets for mothers.


Rose Quartz:

There is so much to love about Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love.  Rose Quartz opens the heart to unconditional love and peace while awakening a sense of joy. It dissipates negative energy and helps you to focus on the best part of motherhood when things get tough...the love.



Amazonite gives you the freedom to express your grandest, deepest desires while encouraging you to communicate about your needs without fear of judgment or confrontation. Since I think that one of the biggest factors in creating an experience of motherhood that you adore and aligns with your intuition is the ability to voice your opinions, it’s no surprise that Amazonite makes its way into so many of our designs.



 One of the most important traits that mothers can cultivate is her intuition. It will never lead you astray. Which is why Amethyst is a stone I turn to again and again when designing for the joys and challenges unique to mothers. Amethyst is known for enhancing intuition by connecting you to your third-eye chakra. As an added bonus for mothers, Amethyst is said to help ease anxiety and pregnancy related memory loss.


 Clear Quartz:

I think of Clear Quartz as a very “mothering” stone. Just like you nurture your children's dreams and ambitions, Clear Quartz holds onto the energy of your intentions and amplifies them into the universe. Known as the ultimate manifesting stone, Clear Quartz not only stores the energy of your intentions, but it also amplifies the wonderful qualities of the stones that surround it.




Since motherhood could be called a never ending series of change, it’s no wonder that I’m so drawn to Lepidolite, the “stone of transition” when I’m designing new mala beads or gemstone bracelets.

Lepidolite provides a stabilizing and strengthening influence that helps you to release the past so you can enjoy the present moment with clarity and freedom. Lepidolite is also said to dissipate negative energy and be useful in protecting against the baby blues.



Rainbow, Grey or Pink, I love it all! Moonstone is one of my favorite stones to add to our designs because of their beautiful shimmer and their wonderful properties for motherhood. Not only incredibly beautiful, Moonstone helps stabilize and ground your emotions.

Like the moon, it represents that everything is in a cycle of reflection and growth, which encourages you to go with the flow and stay rooted in the present moment while appreciating the phase you are currently in.



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