Obsidian Mama Mala Kit

Get your girlfriends together for a night in, crack open a bottle of your favourite wine, brew a pot of your favourite tea, or gather around a roaring fire and start sharing your dreams, intentions and desires while bonding over the magic of mala beads. Each kit contains everything you need to make your own personal Obsidian, Pearl, Pink Moonstone and Sandalwood Mama Mala that is fused with your intentions and desires.

Designed to be a meditative experience for all skill levels, the Mama Mala kit is the perfect way to connect with your authentic intentions.

Obsidian is a protective stone that inspires growth and resolution while lending support and direction along the way. Pearls help connect you to the cycles of the moon, provide emotional balance and nurture spiritual transformation. Pink Moonstone supports the heart chakra and encourages loving energy .

Each kit contains the following ingredients to create your perfect Mama Mala:

  • 108 Sandalwood Beads (plus a few spares)
  • Silk Beading Cord with attached needle
  • 1 Obsidian Guru Bead
  • 6 Pearls
  • 2 Pink Moonstone Beads
  • 2 Large and 4 Small Sterling Silver Beads
  • Mama Malas mala Bag
  • Instruction Card

Please keep in mind that just like you, every stone is unique. Although you will receive a mala with the same stones as the ones pictured, due to the beautiful variances of nature, your stone will be completely one of a kind, and will not look exactly like any other.

All Mama Malas are lovingly hand made. Please allow three to five business days for your order to be processed and shipped.

We make all our malas to withstand 20 lbs of pressure, so they are built to handle a bit of curiosity during nursing, but they are designed just for Mamas and not babies

We strongly advise against allowing babies or children put the malas near or in their mouths as the beads are a choking hazard. 

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