About Me

I love to design for mothers like you.


 The ones who know that motherhood isn’t about losing yourself, it’s about finding yourself.

The ones who feel the power within motherhood, even if you haven't fully stepped into it yet.

The ones who know that your identity as a woman can be strengthened through motherhood, not diminished.


My name is Heather Mudry, and I am the founder and designer of Mama Malas.

I create pieces that deepen your connection to yourself as a woman and a mother through the use of intuitively selected healing stones.

Not only beautiful to wear, my designs also act as a practical tool to enhance and compliment your spiritual practice and self-care rituals.



I am so happy to have you here.




Motherhood is often portrayed as a sacrifice that will steal your time, identity, and freedoms.  




We've all been there.

Too focused on what needs to be done instead of enjoying the moment that is right in front of us.

Feeling overwhelmed by the constant emotional and physical demands of motherhood.

Deciding that today will be different, but ending up tired and depleted at the end of the day.

But, it doesn’t need to be like that.

I believe that when you enter into motherhood you are entering into one of the most exciting and beautiful phases of your life.  

Motherhood is a catalysis for personal growth, strength, and connection.  

It is a time to shed your insecurities and self-doubt and get clear on the life you want to lead and step fully into the woman you're meant to be.   

After I became a mother I found myself overwhelmed by my to-do list, losing my patience, my identity, and failing to be fully present when I was with my son.

Instead of taking the time to properly care for myself, I ended up  zoning out on social media and feeling guilty about the moments I missed.

I soon found that having a tangible reminder of my intention to stay present and intentional in motherhood helped me to decide to put down the phone and play with my son, really savour the little moments and make decisions that aligned with my big picture goals.

Essentially it reminded me that we have so much power when it comes to choosing the life that makes us happiest.

This is why I created Mama Malas. Mindful accessories that remind you to stay in the present moment  and turn your desires and intentions into something tangible, touchable and real.

Whether your dream is to take a six-month sabbatical to travel the country with your family, move to a cozy cottage in the woods, or just be fully present during these years that pass too quickly, it is my greatest intention that your Mama Malas remind you that motherhood can be a time of self-discovery and growth.

 By nurturing yourself and following your intuition you are able to create a life of freedom and adventure for yourself as a woman and a mother.

Curious about mala beads and mindful accessories? Grab our free guide to mala beads and intentional accessories below :) 

Because motherhood is meant to be enjoyed.

Real love,

Founder | Mama Malas