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Handcrafted mala beads that celebrate a mindful and intentional life with the people you love.

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What are Mama Malas?

Mala beads have been used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other cultures for thousands of years.

They are the perfect way to stay centered and intentional as you navigate motherhood. They offer a physical reminder of your intentions and are a tool to recenter and breathe when you feel overwhelmed.

Mama Malas are designed with healing stones to keep you connected to your intentions in motherhood and remind you to be present with the people and everyday moments that matter most.

We asked our customers how their Mama Malas help them navigate motherhood.

"Incorporating Mama Malas and intentional accessories in my life makes me feel happy. I feel like it is a step towards my best self and a reminder to take time to be present and intentional in all I do for my family"

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"It makes me feel powerful and strong. It makes me feel supported"

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"I feel more confident, more myself. I feel more hopeful and find it to be a good reminder of what my intentions are"

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"I'm ready to start a new chapter in my life and live more intentionally as to find inner and outer peace and to be the best mother I can be. I feel that mama malas are a tool to help me achieve that."

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"Taking even a second to feel the beads is an opportunity to slow down and take a breath."

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"(I love) knowing that I can just reach down and take a moment anytime of day no matter where I am to focus and return to being mindful and intentional."

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"At first I was unsure about how I'd incorporate them into my day. Now I can't imagine a day without them."

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"I think that just the act of wearing them is helpful in itself, no need to worry. Just the simple moment of driving and reaching down to touch the necklace is a quick reminder of any intentions you had."

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"My mala beads inspire and remind me to find a few minutes for a mindful meditation or mindful breathing every day."

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"I feel more aware of me as an individual person and spirit. It brings me more confidence to be myself and bring all of who I am to all of what I do."

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"This mala is absolutely gorgeous and would make any mama feel powerful. The onyx is so strong and grounding, the sandalwood smells lovely, and I love that there is a little bit of rose quartz too! It’s nice to hold in your hand when you need to ground or calm down, and when you wear it, you feel like you can tackle anything! "

-Logan K
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Since we launched in 2013 Mama Malas has been run by a small team of strong women who handcraft each piece of jewelry and pour their hearts into every aspect of the business.

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"There is a certain energy that is felt when wearing my mala. It brings me comfort as soon as I put it on. Needless to say, I wear it everyday. "

-Kimberly | Grounded Mama Mala

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