mala beads designed for the joys and challenges of motherhood

What our customers are saying

  • "Throughout the day, each time that I feel that stone in my hand it reminds me to breathe deep and brings me a sense of peace and calm. This beautiful piece of intentional jewelry signifies that we have a choice in every moment. We may choose how we perceive and react to our surroundings. "
    - Tiffany
  • "Whenever I wear my Happy Mama Mala I quietly ask for guidance for both myself and the women I serve, to listen to our intuition and let go of negativity holding us back. It all just fits together with the Happy Mala stones so perfectly and it's stunningly beautiful too."
    - Lucy
  • "Before my daughter wakes I spend a bit of time practicing meditation with my mala, running my finger across each of the beads and setting my daily intention. During this time I express my gratitude and ask myself who I want to be today for my daughter? This process has made me calmer, more patient, more playful and undeniably more present."
    - Jess