108 Mala Beads


Motherhood is the most rewarding job, but it is also the hardest.  It can be easy to forget your intentions and put your self care on the back burner when the stresses of the day take over. 

When you take the time to nurture yourself, make aligned decisions, and consciously create a life that you adore, you are able to see the magic in motherhood and be present for all of the beautiful moments that may have otherwise been missed.

Mama Malas are mala bead necklaces used for mala, also called japa or mantra, meditation. Designed to look as good with jeans and a tee as they do with your favourite sundress, so you can wear your mala beads everyday and be reminded of your desire to be present, mindful and make decisions based on your intentions and big picture goals.

More than just beautiful adornment, your mala beads support you on your journey of motherhood as a tangible reminder of your intentions. Your Mama Malas encourage you to look inward and live in the moment so you are able to create a life and parenting style that are aligned with your intentions.