What Are Mala Beads


Mala beads are traditionally used to keep track of repetitions of a mantra while meditating, although they can be also be used for setting intentions and affirmations for what you want to manifest in your life.

They are meant to help your racing mind find the stillness needed to reach inward to a place of peace.

When you need some extra security, peace, or reassurance, your mala can remind you that you are capable of amazing things.

Each mala is made up of 108 +1 beads. Our bodies contain 108 major "Nadis'" (physical and subtle energy channels) that reach the sacred heart. By chanting a mantra 108 times the energy from the mantra permeates both the physical and energy body.

The 109th bead, also called the ‘guru’ or ‘sumeru’ (summit) bead, signifies the beginning and end of your meditation practice. The crystal guru bead holds the intention of your mala.

When you meditate with or wear your mala beads, you carry the intention and energy you set with you throughout the day. They are the perfect reminder that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

You can choose to wear your mama malas daily as a reminder of your journey and you can also include them in your meditation practice.

To meditate with your Mama Malas, begin by setting an intention for what you want to cultivate in your life.  

Starting at your guru bead, repeat your chosen mantra once for each sandalwood or rudraksha bead on your mala until you come back around to your guru bead.

Traditionally you will practice with the same mantra every day for 21 or 40 days.

When choosing a mantra choose something that resonates with you personally.

You can also wear your malas during a silent meditation and let the mala beads soak up the calming energy it creates so you can carry this peace with you throughout the day.

Many people have more than one set of mala beads, either for use of different mantras, or for the different energies the stones bring.

Mala beads are a tangible reminder of your intentions and desires as well as a tool to enhance your meditation practice and connect you to something larger than yourself. Curious about how they can help you? Read on to learn more about how they can help you be more intentional and present every single day.

Although it is great to wear your mala daily as a reminder of your intent and to benefit from the energy of the stones, they are handmade and should be worn and stored with love, care, and respect.

They are not meant for use during vigorous physical activity, or when sleeping, and should always be handled with care.

Below are a few favorite mantas to use with your Mama Malas.

Although many favorites are in sanskrit, your mantra can be anything that resonates with you in any language you please.

It's really all about trusting your instincts, and asking yourself what you truly desire.

So Hum: I am that

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha: Removal of obstacles

Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha : Healing

Om Shanti Om : Peace

Om Radha Krishnaya Namaha : Joy and Bliss

"what we think, we become" - Buddha

Each Mama Mala is blessed and cleansed before it is sent out to you.

As you wear your mala and it is affected by the energies around you (kind of like how you can feel drained after dealing with negative people or uplifted around others), you may need to cleanse it to return it to it's neutral state of energy.

Because crystals absorb and emit energy, it is important to cleanse them if they feel heavy or "off".

How often you cleanse your mala will depend on how often you wear them, and the situations you encounter.

If you encounter a lot of negative energy, many people touch or wear your mala, or you deal with a lot of stress, it is probably a good idea to cleanse your mala.

You can cleanse your mala with sunlight, moonlight, or by burning white sage or lemongrass.

It is said that you should cleanse your mala daily if you are using it for healing purposes to cleanse any negative energies that may be absorbed.