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Mama Malas started in 2013, about a year after my first son was born. I was struggling to find a balance between caring for myself and caring for my son. Unfortunately, I found myself mindlessly turning into what I thought a mom should be and, to be honest, lost myself a bit in the process.

I had begun meditating in my early 20s and knew that I needed to look for answers inside, not outside, to get back on track.

With a toddler who didn't sleep through the night, it was nearly impossible to stick to a regular meditation schedule. So instead of feeling guilty for not practicing, I started wearing my old mala beads around my neck to take advantage of the small moments of quiet throughout the day.

They made it easier to fit meditation into my day. Having them around my neck reminded me of my desire to be more present and what I wanted to create for our growing family. They helped me to be more intentional with my choices and reminded me to stop and breathe when I got overwhelmed.

There was only one problem. I didn't love wearing those large wooden beads around my neck.

I've always been connected to gemstones. Holding a stone that has been formed over millions of years makes me feel connected to something much larger than myself. So I made myself a delicate mala with beautiful gemstones that reminded me of the woman and mother I wanted to be.
I immediately fell in love with the process of creating.

Fast forward to 2021, and we are now a small team of passionate women who put our hearts into every aspect of the business. But, by far, the best thing about starting this business has been the messages and emails we get from women who share their stories with us. When I started this business, I never dreamed my malas would connect so deeply with so many women. I go back and read them often and feel happy that we are putting something good into the world.
focus on your breath.
Take a moment for yourself

Mala beads help you enter a meditative state as you slowly trace the beads with your fingers and connect with the energy of the stones. Delicate enough for everyday wear, our mala beads make it easy to fit meditation into your day, no matter where you are.

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"This mala is absolutely gorgeous and would make any mama feel powerful. The onyx is so strong and grounding, the sandalwood smells lovely, and I love that there is a little bit of rose quartz too! It’s nice to hold in your hand when you need to ground or calm down, and when you wear it, you feel like you can tackle anything! "

-Logan K | Superhero Mama Mala
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Since we launched in 2013 Mama Malas has been run by a small team of strong, dedicated women who pour their hearts into every aspect of the business.

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We believe in quick and easy returns, and will repair any mala that breaks within 6 months of purchase for free.

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