Choosing the Perfect Mala

Most of the time you will have a profound attraction to a particular mala even if the intentions set by it don't register with what you think you need at the time. Trust your instincts. What you consider beautiful and are drawn to is influenced by the needs of your soul. If a particular stone grounds, relaxes or energizes you, that's what it will manifest. Most often the mala you are first drawn to ends up being the perfect fit.

When choosing between many malas, ask yourself what your intentions are. Do you want something with calming energy? Or do you want to manifest strength, presence or patience?

When you meditate with and then wear your mala beads, you carry the power of your intentions throughout the day. Because of this, I recommend choosing a mala that you find beautiful and will want to wear every day. 

There may be more than one perfect mala for you. Some days you may need to manifest strength; others, you just need help calming your mind. Many people have more than one set of mala beads, either for use with different mantras or for the various energies the stones bring.

Having trouble finding your perfect match? Send an email to hello@mamamalas.com; We would love to help! 


Love Notes

I bought one last year a month before my baby girls birth. I love it and can't get enough of it"

"Just got my Mama Mala for my birthday! The Mala beads smell heavenly, the sandalwood reminds me of being in India. Thank you!"

"I've been looking at a mala from Mama Malas for some time and it turns out they are just perfect. Love the design, but also the special intentions they bring, and the lovely packaging and handwritten note that came along. It just fits perfectly right now."

"Your mala has brought me such peace & abundant love during this wild transition the past 6 months. Thank you! Thank you!"

"I love my mamamala so much! Think I may have to buy a second one for baby #2!"

"It actually couldn't be more spot on with the timing of this in my life. I love it. And I need it. Thank you so much. We all as women need to embrace and except our true authentic selves."

 "I just feel it, there are no words. I put it every day on my mat and wear it during meditation."

"Got my  Mama Mala in the mail today! I love it, it's absolutely gorgeous, and it smells so amazing!"

"I adore my  mama mala! I feel empowered when I put it on & capable of moving mountains!"

"I wear my mama mala every day... Keeps me grounded and focused on my core desires"

"It's gorgeous and has gotten me through some trying times."

"My Mama Mala has been a soothing reminder to trust in myself and to take the time for me in all of this messy yet beautiful chaos that is Motherhood."

"My Mama Mala has been coming everywhere with me lately. It arrived in the mail last Monday after I got home from my grandmas funeral and ever since I have been feeling powerfully, soulfully in the flow of life and grounded in my feminine mama bear nature."

"I wear a Mama Mala almost everyday because not only are they beautiful, but they ground me, and help to focus my energy."

"I LOVE my Mama Mala!"