Choosing the Perfect Mala

Choosing the perfect mala is like choosing the perfect mate. You look for qualities you can't live without, and trust your gut. When you wear your mala, you are literally wearing your intention as a daily reminder of your journey.

Most of the time, you will have a deep attraction to a particular mala, even if the intentions set by it don't register with what you think you need at the time. Trust your instincts. What we consider beautiful and are drawn to is influenced by the needs of our soul. If a certain stone grounds, relaxes, or energizes you, that's what it will manifest. Most often, the mala you are first drawn to ends up being the perfect fit.

When choosing between multiple malas, ask yourself what your intentions are. Do you want something with a calming energy? Or do you want to manifest strength, creativity and inspiration?

When you meditate with, and then wear, your mala beads, you carry the intention and energy you set with you throughout the day. They are the perfect reminder of your desires, your journey, and work to remind you that you need to take care of yourself to take care of everyone else. Because of this, I recommend choosing a mala that you find beautiful and will want to wear everyday. Keep in mind any colours you seem to be drawn to in your wardrobe, nature,home decor, and art.

Unlike the perfect mate, there may be more than one perfect mala for you. Some days you may need to manifest strength; others, you just need help calming your mind. Many people have more than one set of mala beads, either for use of different mantras, or for the different energies the stones bring.

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