A Holistic Nurse-Midwife's Guide to a Stress Free Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a magical time, but like any phase of transition can also be a source of stress. Today, holistic nurse-midwife Anne Margolis from My Home Sweet Homebirth answers some of my questions about saying connected to your mind, body and spirit during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is such a magical time, but like any phase of transition can also be a source of stress. Fear of change and the unknown often start to appear as we build a new life and it can be easy to put your personal needs on the back burner as everything becomes all about the new baby. Today, holistic nurse-midwife Anne Margolis from My Home Sweet Homebirth answers some of my questions about saying connected to your mind, body and spirit during pregnancy. 

How can women stay connected to themselves during pregnancy and the beginning of motherhood when everything is about the baby?

I encourage quiet down time each day, especially outside to connect with nature and biological/horticultural time, the time that their bodies and babies are on. That connection is what will help them during birth and to be more in tune with their bodies, and their babies, as a mother. I work with each mama to create her tribe and mobilize all her local and even online resources during pregnancy so she is off duty from cleaning, housework, cooking, errands and child care of older siblings for the first 4-6 weeks as was, and is, still done in many parts of the world. This is so she can be pampered, optimally heal and recover from pregnancy and birth, and focus on basic self and newborn care, and get the breastfeeding - which can be a learning curve.

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What is the best way to ease any anxiety regarding birth/motherhood?

I encourage regular yoga and meditation practice, as it helps so much and empowers mamas with the techniques to relax themselves (from the physical practice, to breath work and visualizations). It gets them out of their overthinking mind that makes up all kinds of stories about past or future scenarios, most of which are not true and don’t happen, but leads to such angst and worry. {I suggest finding} things to do that they love, other forms of exercise, being outside and connecting with nature, connecting with other like minded mamas and creating a supportive tribe, all of which help tremendously.

I encourage each mama to make a fortress of positivity and guard it fiercely, to search out or create their own positive birth story groups and circles, to surround themselves with positive empowering books, movies, and people, as well as to steer clear of negativity and any source of fear and anxiety around pregnancy and birth. It’s also crucial to choose your maternity care provider, birth team and setting with great care. These alone can be a main source of anxiety and fear or a great source of empowerment, loving support and  great ease.

How has yoga and meditation helped you as a mother?

They have been a huge help! Taking care of myself is part of taking care of my kids. I cannot imagine dealing with life without them. I think the lack of these skills contributes to much of the physical and emotional health problems facing Mamas in the modern world. Yoga and meditation have given me tools for life, not only to cope with life as a mother and human being, but also to pass on these essential skills to my children. They are an ancient science of optimal health of mind, body, heart, and spirit, now backed by much scientific evidence and research. I  practice yoga and mediation as a vehicle for inner calm, sense of well-being, strength, balance, and flexibility on many levels, as well connection with myself and my children, and the infinite magnificent spirit within us all and and all that is.  

Since receiving her Master's degree in Nursing and her degree in Nurse-Midwifery, Anne Margolis has been using an integrative, holistic approach that combines the best of modern medicine with natural, mind-body philosophy in her practice. Also a Doula and Childbirth Educator, she loves to teach, inspire and empower women to lead healthy lives in childbearing and beyond. She currently can be found as the voice and owner  behind www.homesweethomebirth.com where you can find online and phone consultations for expecting Mamas as well as childbirth classes, prenatal and postpartum yoga classes (She is also a yoga teacher, specializing in pre and post-natal classes) and gifts for pregnant Mamas. She believes all human beings are inherently magnificent souls connected to the infinite and to each other. You can learn more about her on the Home Sweet Homebirth Facebook  or Instagram page)


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