A guide to the healing properties of Amethyst: When to use it and how to make it work for you.

Amethyst Crystals on a purple background: Amethyst Meaning.

Do you find yourself drawn to Amethyst but just aren't sure how to make the most out of Amethyst's unique healing energy? Or maybe you find yourself searching Amethyst Meaning but end up overwhelmed by all the information out there. I get it; I've been there too.

This go-to guide will teach you about the unique healing properties of amethyst and the best times to use it, so you can confidently incorporate it into your daily life to support your intentions.


When you should be reaching for Amethyst for its healing properties

Amethyst is a healing stone that everyone can benefit from. If you are looking to get closer to your inner voice and feel more peace, creativity, and calm, Amethyst is the healing crystal for you.

How to use Amethyst to bring out your innate wisdom and connect you to your intuition.

Think of amethyst as the supportive friend that leads you to the answers that are already inside of you. Amethyst brings you back to your center when life becomes stressful or overwhelming. Its peaceful and protective energy helps you step back from distracting behaviors that prevent you from fully engaging in the present moment and encourages you to look within to see what you need most to heal and thrive.

The best way to use Amethyst to bring out the answers you are searching for is by meditating with Amethyst.  Meditating  with Amethyst regularly encourages a deeper trust in your intuition, desires, and aversions, giving you the confidence to follow your heart and create a life authentic to you.

How to use Amethyst to inspire creativity and success

Amethyst is a well-known symbol of creativity, success, and focus. Use amethyst when you need to tap into the creative flow and put those ideas into action. Amethyst's healing energy encourages imagination and helps you to incorporate spiritual insights in a logical and focused way.

To use Amethyst to spark creativity, you can sit in meditation with some amethyst before you sit down to create. When worn as you create or placed near your workspace, Amethyst can help you express your creative ideas and keep your focus on the actions that will help move you forward.

How to use Amethyst to find inner peace.

The healing properties of Amethyst can help to bring balance and peace to mind, body, and spirit. This creates a sense of space and calm, freeing your mind from unhelpful worries and stresses. Because of this, Amethyst is a wonderful healing crystal to use before meditation and before any high-stress situations that you might encounter.

We love to wear amethyst on days when our kids are having a hard time expressing themselves and our patience is running low. It reminds us to center ourselves, approach the situation with a calm and balanced perspective, and focus on keeping our inner voice peaceful and calm.

How to make sure you are using Amethyst to its full potential.

Amethyst is strongly connected to the crown and third eye chakra, which are the center of your spirituality and intuition. Because of this, one of the best ways to use Amethyst is by meditating with it. You can either incorporate amethyst into your mala beads or meditation altar or place a piece of amethyst on your third eye chakra (right between your brows) when you meditate.

Wearing Amethyst jewelry is another great way to benefit from the peaceful healing energy. Anytime you glance at your amethyst bracelet or feel the weight of your amethyst necklace around your neck, you are reminded that you can access a mindset of peace and calm whenever you need it.

Make it work for you

So there you have it, you now have all the tools you need to make the most of Amethysts' healing properties and can work on incorporating Amethyst into your life in the best way that works for you.

Wondering where to begin? Shop our collection of amethyst mala beads and bracelets that make it easy to incorporate the healing energy of amethyst into your meditation practice and daily life.


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