Creating A Fall Equinox Ritual For The Entire Family

With Autumn upon us we start to head towards the slower, cozy pace that fall brings. The wild fast paced days of summer make way for slow rejuvenating days of fall and we take time to reflect and go inward as the days begin to shorten.

While the Northern Hemisphere is welcoming spring after a winter, the Southern Hemisphere is in a time of harvesting and getting ready for the long winter ahead. The hemispheres are almost playing out like a birth and death of Mother Earth at this time.

When day and night are of equal time, we have a powerful energy and harmony between the time of creation (which is the night), and manifestation (day). The Fall Equinox is a time to gather (both physically and emotionally), and release. I’ll share some rituals I love to do with my family that you can use to tap into this energy to create your unique family rituals that help you to release and go inwards.

Reflect and Let Go

You will need:

-A pen and paper


-A bowl with water, and some herbs (or chamomile tea)

-Your favorite crystal or mala

Find a quiet place and place the bowl down and light the candle, placing it beside the bowl.  Meditate with your malas or crystal to help clear your mind, taking deep breaths through your nose. Place the herbs into the water (or if you have the tea, make sure it’s not in the bag), and stir in a clockwise motion 5 times to gain energy. Write down what you’d like to release in your life, and say it out loud 3 times (the kids may need help doing this part, or you can write it for them). Then fold up the paper and place it into the water. Stir the water again until the paper gets soggier. Hold up the bowl to your heart and state out loud, “I release this”, and dump the water out. You can dump the water into a sink, or outside (the paper can get thrown away).

You can keep the candle burning as long as possible as long as long as it’s in a safe spot.

Cleanse The House

Although spring cleaning seems automatic, there are huge benefits to doing a deep clean as the fall equinox approaches as well.

Since we are approaching the days of cozying up indoors, it is so nice to have a clean, organized and welcoming space to come home to. I also love getting the kids involved in cleansing the space with our palo santo or sage cleansing sticks to release any stagnant energy and reset the energy in the house.

We love to gather toys, clothes, and even non-perishable food to give to families that are in need as we reflect on our gratitude for the abundance surrounding us.

Head Outdoors

Fall is my favorite season, and I absolutely adore the trees changing color, the crisp air and the feeling of being cozy. My kids love to play outside, so go on those last hikes and bike rides, and make sure to rake up piles of leaves and jump in them!

We’d love to see how you celebrated the Fall Equinox! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram!


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