The Beauty of the Disconnected Weekend


Feeling overwhelmed with social media and feeling like your phone is taking up too much of your time? I feel you! Once my family started doing social media and smart phone detox weekends we started connecting more and loving the time spent together screen free. Read more about how we prepare for stress free disconnected weekends

First off let me say that I love my technology. Go to third base, love it. I really do, it’s helped me to build a business and a life that I love.

It blows my mind that I can practically run a business, stay in touch with all my family and friends, and secretly stalk everyone from high school on Facebook (come on, we all do it…right?) with nothing more than my phone.

The problem is it can also encourage my ADD tendencies to research anything and everything that ever pops into my head.

There are so many nights after I put Owen down that I end up wasting three hours looking up random facts, pinning recipes i’ll never make, and learning skills i’ll never use. I get so caught up in who I could be, that I stop appreciating who I already am.

The breaking point for me was when I found myself sitting with my son, constantly refreshing my Facebook feed for new statuses that to be honest, I could not possibly care less about.

When did finding out what an acquaintance is cooking for dinner become more important than connecting with the people right in front of me? I started implementing disconnected weekends immediately, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. 

I challenge you to try a disconnected weekend if only once a month, I swear it will make the most amazing difference in your quality of life.

Plan to have a fridge full of groceries and a clean house by Friday night so that you can really enjoy your disconnected weekend instead of dealing with crowds and chores. Decide how tech-free you want to go ahead of time.

Do you want to go completely technology free and eliminate anything with a screen or do you just want to eliminate phones but keep computers, tablets and TV?

Give it a few tries to find what works best for your family. In our house I choose to use the iPad and TV, but only for playing music, reading books, and playing special movies, no channel surfing over here. Soul expanding and stress free is the goal.

Friday night before dinner do a final check of your emails and accounts and then put your technological loves away for safe keeping. Keep a notebook and a pen handy to write down any to-dos that inevitably pop up, and get ready to enjoy the free flowing creativity that can come with tuning out.

Crank up the music and cook a meal as a family, read that book you’ve been wanting to check out, or just sit and watch how adorable it is when your son carefully blows on his pretend eggs to cool them off.

Whatever makes you happy.

If a full weekend is too much, set a time just before dinner on Saturday to quickly check your emails/accounts and reply to anything that is truly urgent. Then put it back and resume your blissful disconnect.

When I started disconnected weekends I was terrified that the world would come to an end. Business would come to a screeching halt, I’d miss out on everything and be completely out of the loop.

Instead it was incredibly freeing to realize that my friends will still love me if I don’t return a text until the next day, and my business will not shatter if I don’t answer an email the moment I get it.

When checking my phone, or looking up any useless question that comes into my mind isn’t an option I feel like I have all the time in the world.

I have time to take a walk to watch the sun set over the mountains and rediscover our neighbourhood.

When I’m not watching every cute family moment through my phone waiting for the perfect shot, I rediscover my families adorable quirks and all the little things that make my life so incredibly blessed.

There will always be things to occupy your time. Everyone is busy. But when you stop to disconnect you realize how easy it is to mindlessly fill your days with unimportant distractions.

A mindful life full of things that move you towards your intentions and desires is the goal.

Want some help setting up your own disconnected weekend? I created an easy to follow guide to help you set your intentions for the weekend and sort out the logistics so you can really relax and enjoy your time. Just fill out the form below to have it sent directly to your inbox :)