How To Choose The Perfect Set Of Mala Beads

One of the questions we get asked the most is how to know which set of mala beads are right for you. It can be so hard to choose, when deciding between stones that you love, descriptions that resonate, and a gut feeling for one that doesn’t seem like it should be right at all.  

Hopefully this guide will provide a bit of insight into how we choose our own mala beads, and how you can find the perfect match for where you are in your journey right now.

In order to choose your perfect mala, you must first see what intentions you are meaning to find, and what your journey needs. Are you looking to cultivate strength, security, happiness or more grounding? Keep those intentions in mind as you start browsing the mala beads.

As you look at the malas, read deeper into the meanings of the ones that catch your eye. Pay attention to any physical sensations you notice as you look at the stones and read the descriptions.  As you do this, there will be one mala that you keep coming back to and the answer will become clear.

But sometimes it’s not as clear cut and you will find yourself coming back to a mala that doesn’t seem to align with your goals and intentions. This is almost always the perfect mala for you. I find that our hearts know what we need before our head has time to catch up.  What we consider beautiful and are drawn to is influenced by the needs of our soul.

Once you have chosen your perfect set of mala beads, you will begin to carry your intentions and energy you set with you throughout the day. A quick recharge or a moment of mediation is right with you. It’s a wonderful daily reminder to take time for yourself, and honor your intentions and live in the moment  as you care for others.

Sometimes you will be drawn to more than one mala, and that is totally natural. We are multidimensional and have more than one intention, vision and path. Some days you may need more peace and calm, and others you may need strength or grounding to help you through the day.  

Photo Courtesy of @thissweetove

Whichever mala you choose, we hope you absolutely adore it and it brings you much joy.

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