Just as mala beads and crystals hold onto the energy of your intentions, they also hold onto negative energy as well.

Often after some time your mala beads will start to feel heavy or “off”. This tends to happen much more frequently when people have been touching your mala, or you have been in a negative situation or are using your mala beads or crystals to move forward from a negative or traumatic experience. When you cleanse your mala beads you reset their energetic qualities. Think of it as hitting the reset button on all of the wonderful qualities the stones possess.

Our favorite ways to cleanse healing stones and mala beads is with the earth, the moon, sage or intention.


Earth: To cleanse and realign the energy of your crystals and mala beads with the Earth, wrap them carefully in a piece of fabric or a scarf and bury them gently into the soil. Leave them for a few hours to a day to reset and cleanse.

Moonlight: A new moon is the perfect time to set out your mala beads to be cleansed. Leave your healing crystals or mala beads in a windowsill that will receive moonlight, or place them outside if you know it will be dry overnight. Leaving your mala beads and crystals out in a full moon will recharge them, and renew all of the healing properties that drew you to them in the first place. As with cleansing, just leave them in a moonlit windowsill or outside, and return in the morning to your re energized stones.

Sage or Palo Santo: Light your sage or palo santo and place the smouldering stick onto a shell or fireproof plate. Use your hands to gently waft the smoke over your mala beads and stones to release any negative energy they may be holding onto.

Intention: Sit with your healing stones or mala beads and close your eyes. Imagine a bright, cleansing light enveloping your crystals and releasing any negative energy they may be holding onto.

Cleansing your mala beads and crystals is an easy way to shift the energy of your intentions and continue with a renewed sense of intention and purpose.

After cleansing and recharging your mala beads and crystals, be sure to spend a few moments filling them with your intentions.



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