How to create a relaxing morning routine

A calming morning ritual isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. By intentionally starting the day you set yourself, and your kids, up for a more present, patient and productive day.

I used to start my days feeling a sense of tension between my shoulder blades that refused to go away.

I had a constant feeling of unease and restlessness, and looking back, it wasn’t any wonder that my body was screaming out for a change.

I was checking emails before I even left the bed, and rushed to get my son and I ready so I could start checking items off my to-do list.

Once we started intentionally crafting our morning rituals, a funny thing happened. I was so much more productive. Since I was no longer frazzled, I was able to calmly attend to everything that mattered and had the presence to recognize the things that didn’t.
When you start your mornings in a present, mindful and intentional way you carry that sense of peace with you throughout the day.

When crafting your own morning ritual, play around with it and have some fun figuring out what makes you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Below I’ve listed a few of our favourite morning rituals to refer to when crafting your own as well as few tried and tested ways to get the kids involved.

  • Don’t bring out your phone until after your morning rituals are completed. Email and social media can wait. This is your time.
  • Open a window. Bask in some sunshine as you clear out stale energies in the house and enjoy the fresh, crisp morning air.
  • Light a candle instead of turning on the TV. This simple act adds an element of self care, comfort and ritual.
  • Meditate with your Mama Malas. Mala meditation is perfect when little kiddos are around because they allow you to keep track of the time and the tactile feeling of moving each bead through your fingers evokes a stronger sense of calm and peace each time you practice.
  • Set your intentions. Sit for a moment with your mala beads and take a few minutes to reflect on your intentions for the day and what you are working towards in the future.
  • Practice mindfulness while you drink your first cup of coffee. Pay attention to how the warm cup feels in your hands. Notice the patterns the rising steam makes in the air, and try to make out different elements of the flavours.
  • Take some time to cuddle and connect with your kids. Read a book or just cuddle up on the couch and talk about your plans for the day. Give your undivided attention.
You don’t need to wake up before the rest of the family to create this sacred morning time.
Just make sure you are prepared ahead of time so that you can make the most of those first 20 minutes of your day.
Below are a three things that helped me to include my son in my morning routine.
  • Have quiet activities ready ahead of time. Crayons , blocks, books are our favourites. Soon this peaceful morning playtime will become a routine that they look forward to as much as you do.
  • Get their breakfast ready the night before so that there is minimal time and prep in the morning.
  • Invite them to set intentions for their day and meditate with you. It always amazes me how much kids get into this, and it’s a great coping tool for them to use for the rest of their lives.
  • Accept imperfection. Don’t get too caught up in how things should look. Go with the flow and remember that done is better than perfect.


focus on your breath.
Take a moment for yourself

Mala beads help you enter a meditative state as you slowly trace the beads with your fingers and connect with the energy of the stones. Delicate enough for everyday wear, our mala beads make it easy to fit meditation into your day, no matter where you are.

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"This mala is absolutely gorgeous and would make any mama feel powerful. The onyx is so strong and grounding, the sandalwood smells lovely, and I love that there is a little bit of rose quartz too! It’s nice to hold in your hand when you need to ground or calm down, and when you wear it, you feel like you can tackle anything! "

-Logan K | Superhero Mama Mala
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