How To Use Your Mala Beads For Meditation

Although mala beads can be used as a beautiful piece of jewelry to remind you of your intentions, I find that the biggest transformations come when you take the time to meditate daily with your mala beads, fully infusing them with your intentions.


Mala bead meditation is one of the easiest ways to start a sustainable meditation practice because they provide a distraction from the “monkey mind” that can make starting a meditation practice so challenging. By meditating everyday with your mala beads you connect further to yourself and your intentions start to permeate every aspect of your body and spirit.

Meditation is one of those things that you know you should do regularly, but seems hard to fit into day to day life.  You don’t need to be sitting in lotus pose on a meditation cushion for 20 minutes a day to receive the benefits of meditation. Lasting benefits come from consistent practice, even if it’s only for five minutes a day.

The reason I love meditating with my mala beads is that they are always on me, so when I find myself at school pick up a few minutes early, or notice O is quietly playing at the park, I can take a few minutes to myself and do a quick meditation and carry the energy of the practice with me throughout the day.  Once I take those few minutes for myself, I’m able to continue my day with a renewed sense of calm and presence and connect with my family in a more meaningful way.

“By taking time to connect to yourself, you make it so much easier to connect to the world around you.”

If you haven't already, I really recommend you give meditation with your Mama Malas a try. To begin, all you need are your mala beads and a few minutes. To meditate with your Mama Malas, begin by setting an intention for what you want to cultivate in your life.  

Then simply start at the beginning of the necklace, hold the first wooden bead and take one full slow breath as you draw the bead toward you. Continue with each bead to calm your nervous system and bring you into the present moment.

Take a moment at the end to express gratitude for all of the abundance already in your life.

You can also hold your mala during a silent meditation and let it absorb the peace of the practice.

Each Mama Mala is made with “marker” beads that divide your mala into three sections. Two of 27 and one of 54. If you unable to complete an entire meditation, you can complete one of these sections, and still complete an energetically balanced meditation.



focus on your breath.
Take a moment for yourself

Mala beads help you enter a meditative state as you slowly trace the beads with your fingers and connect with the energy of the stones. Delicate enough for everyday wear, our mala beads make it easy to fit meditation into your day, no matter where you are.

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"This mala is absolutely gorgeous and would make any mama feel powerful. The onyx is so strong and grounding, the sandalwood smells lovely, and I love that there is a little bit of rose quartz too! It’s nice to hold in your hand when you need to ground or calm down, and when you wear it, you feel like you can tackle anything! "

-Logan K | Superhero Mama Mala
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