The Mala Stories highlight women that use motherhood as a catalyst for personal growth, strength, and connection. Showing that Motherhood isn’t something that robs you of your time and identity, but rather is something that brings to the surface a deeper connection to yourself, your community and the universe. That motherhood can be a time when you shed your insecurities, and self-doubt to step fully into the woman you are meant to be.

Today, we are thrilled to have Jenna's first instalment, a take on the little things (to the bigger things) in life that make her stop, slow down and acknowledge the beauty around her. Jenna is a mother of 4, a wife and a brilliant photographer of Hobbs Photography.

Grab some matcha tea, light a fire and enjoy!

At some point in our lives, I like to think all of us, but we'll just say some of us, come to the conclusion that life is made of the small details, the little moments, the things other wise taken for granted. It is these insignificant tired truths where the beauty lies, where hearts swell, souls are calmed and peace is found.

Each day I wake, I walk across the cool wood floor to turn on the kettle, fire dark from the embers that glowed the previous night. And I have a choice.

Sometimes I mistakenly see the 90's oak kitchen cabinets I've longed to redo since moving in. I wish for a beautiful claw foot tub, clearer skin, a husband who understood my emotional heart a little better or whatever it happens to be that day. Wishing for more, wanting different. Other days, I see the beauty. The small pieces that like an infinite puzzle make up our lives. The small things already there. This is where our happiness lies. It is the simple act of seeing, noticing, that calms my soul.

-My son's ability to wrap his tiny arms around my neck, press his cheek to mine and squeeze.

-When my husband brushes my hair.

-Collecting fresh eggs from the coop.

-Opening the coffee cupboard and smelling that aroma and I don't even drink coffee.

-Baking with the kids, giving them each an egg and a bowl and watching their little fingers crack it open.

-The snap of the fire in the wood stove warming the house.

-The sound of skates scrapping the ice on the lake.

-Piling all the kids and dogs into the farm truck, balding country radio and watch them stare into the fields, randomly bobbing their heads to the music.

-Cozying up in clean fresh sheets.

-Sharing tea in little china tea cups with good friends, checking burning, hearts warm.

-The foggy frosty mornings when a diffused light shines beautiful shadows on the kitchen floor.

-The way flowers die, taking on new colours, transforming into a different kind of beauty. 

-Old photos and really old photos. 

-My morning ritual, making and sipping the perfect cup of matcha tea.

-The sounds of crickets and frogs singing on a warm summer evening.

-A sea of stars.

-The way a horse smells.

-The sound of all four kids laughing and playing. 

-Rain on the roof.

-The way my middle child gets excited and flaps her hands so fast I think she might take off. 

-When my twins were newborns and would snuggle up close for naps.

-Picking a fresh carrot, brushing off the dirt and hearing that crunch at first bite.

Each day I have a choice. I could get caught up in what I think I want. I could get caught up in others lives, thoughts and judgement. Instead, I work hard, to see the beauty, our beauty, our life. I want to appreciate here, what is in front of me. To see, to feel, to celebrate and to give thanks for all these tiny bits that make this life so damn beautiful, for doing so, calms my soul. 

"Never let a day pass

without looking for the good,

feeling the good within you, 

praising, appreciating, blessing, 

and being grateful. 

Make it your life commitment

and you will stand in utter awe

of what happens in your life."

~Rhonda Byrne