My Motherhood: Logan Kinney

For the My Motherhood series, we ask different women the same series questions about mindfulness and motherhood to see what works for other women, but also to show how even though we may be different, we are all in this together.

I'm so excited to be featuring Logan Kinney on the Motherhood blog today. A yoga teacher, and fitness coach of her own business, High Vibe Wellness for Women. Follow her adventures on Instagram and Facebook!


What does your perfect day look like?

I love leisurely mornings, so the perfect day would start off slow. I would drink a nice hot coffee with almond milk in bed, hopefully snuggling my little one and my cat. Then I would make a smoothie and take it outside to drink, and sit with my hubby. I would have time to walk a few blocks in the sunshine to the yoga studio for a hot yoga class. That is my favorite type of yoga! I need to move and sweat once a day for not only my physical, but my emotional well being too! When I was finished we would get into the car and head to the Hot Springs in the mountains (can you tell I like the heat?). The Hot Springs are what made me fall in love with Colorado, since I am originally a beach-going, east coaster! The weather would be warm and sunny, and we would swim together as a family. After that, we would head to a brewery together, and drink a nice local beer outside. Ahhh. 


Do you have any daily rituals you use to center yourself?

I try to draw a card daily, either a tarot card or an affirmation card. It gives me at least one minute to be silent, sit still, and just listen to the universe. To hear my higher self, guardian angels, spirit guides... whatever you choose to call them. This really helps me guide my day, and remember that even though there is so much going on...only love and light are real. Do I forget this and get distracted by the little things? All the time! That's why I try to pull a card daily to center my internal compass. At the end of the day, I always burn incense, turn on the salt lamps and burn either sage or Palo Santo. Helps me release the day and relax!



How do you make time for the different facets of your life?

I have learned over the years of being a mom that self care must be a priority. I make sure that my health and wellness comes first. Sometimes it is just a half hour workout at home, sometimes it is a yoga class.  But I need to take care of myself first.  If you don't make your health and happiness a priority, no one else will. Even if it means other things don't happen (dishes, cleaning), I put the things that lift me up first on the to-do list. I try to remember that everything is a choice! I can choose to exercise and breathe, and get my glow on! Or I can chose to resentfully run the vacuum cleaner and clean the bathroom sink again! I can choose to hit snooze one more time, or I can choose to get out of bed and live life as a gift. I have been through some pretty devastating anxiety and depression, and it taught me that I need to prioritize myself above all else! I choose me. 


Do you have any special family rituals?

Every night I tell my son Wes how grateful I am for him. I let him know how much I love him, how kind he is, and how he makes me laugh. I really am so grateful he picked me for his mama!



What is the best advice you have ever given or received about motherhood?

One of my favorite motherhood quotes, which also makes me laugh is, "To be honest, I'm just winging it. Life, motherhood, eye liner. Everything."

It is such a great reminder to have some humor and not take yourself so seriously! Even if you have read all the parenting books, taken all the classes, sometimes you just have to wing it! I think all of us mamas have moments when we feel like a hot mess! But, we keep on going! The spilled juice box, the messy hair, it's just not that serious. And none of us truly know what we are doing!

What is your favourite part of motherhood?

Being a mother has given me the chance to experience and practice unconditional love. The love we feel for our children is truly like no other. It is such a big love, so pure that sometimes it almost hurts. And we love our children through it all. The late night breastfeeding sessions, the temper tantrums at the grocery store, sweaty, sticky popsicle-stained fingers holding our faces in their tiny hands. Our capacity to love and to BE LOVED grows, and it is such a gift. 

Not only do we have this love for our children, but we get to practice loving ourselves unconditionally. We love our new changing bodies, and we forgive ourselves daily for the ways we have not lived up to our (often highly unrealistic) expectations. "Did I yell too much? Did we eat well? Did I finish the laundry for tomorrow?"

More important to ask, "Can I forgive myself? Can I see myself as a human who will never be "perfect" and yet is so, so worthy of love? A mama who loves with all her heart, and is doing her best, and that is enough? So, so wonderfully, magnificently enough?"

Motherhood made me learn that we must truly love and give to ourselves, so that we can give to our little ones. 

My favorite part of motherhood is the love.




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