For the My Motherhood series, we ask different women the same series questions about mindfulness and motherhood to see what works for other women, but also to show how even though we may be different, we are all in this together.

Today I am so excited to be sharing Megan's motherhood journey. A mom to 3 kids, a wife and a doula of almost 10 years, she is an amazing woman. Follow along on her Instagram to see her beautiful photography work of her clients and family.

What does your perfect day look like?


The moments that make me happiest are those little moments in life that make you pause and take notice and leave you with a feeling of awe. If I were to string together those moments a perfect day for me would be filled with family, best friends, love, a little adventure and a whole lot of laughter.
I would wake with the sun after a good night's sleep and feel well rested. The morning would be slow. It would maybe include some cuddles in bed with my husband and kids and an unrushed cup of tea. We would have a day filled with wonder and adventure, being present with each other in the sunshine. If we were at the beach near the ocean exploring the water, shores, and forest nearby it would be a lovely bonus. I love to see the world through my children’s eyes while they explore new things and let their imaginations run wild. Our family and friends would join us for good food and tasty treats. In the evening the kids would go to bed easily from being active all day and my husband and I would have time together when they go to bed. If at the end of the day while everyone else was sleeping I got called off to a birth it would be a sweet ending to a perfect day.



Do you have any daily rituals to centre yourself?


I would love to say I am great at self care and have elaborate daily rituals to centre myself, but that would not be true. I have rituals but have a hard time sticking to elaborate ones daily. Daily rituals look simple for me. A shower in the morning or a bath at night, a cup of tea, music played out of my iPhone, dinner with my family at the dinner table where we share our favourite parts of our day with each other. 


How do you make time for the different facets of your life?


I don’t know if I do... it’s definitely a juggling act!


Do you have any special family rituals?


We have many, but one we do daily is at dinner each night we share with each other what our favourite part of the day was. It gives us a chance to hear about each other’s days and connect. 


What is the best advice you have ever given or received about motherhood?


Follow your own intuition. Take the advice that works best for you and leave everything else behind.


What is your favourite part of motherhood?


Motherhood is magic and chaos. It is both wonderful and terrifying. Even through the chaos though, I am their soft and steady; their safe place to land. That is pretty awesome! It is an incredible responsibility and can be very challenging but everyday I learn something new about myself and motherhood. They teach me patience and allow me to relive childhood and see the magic of it through their eyes. 
So much love.




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