Planning A Mother's Blessing


A Mother's Blessing is a wonderful alternative to a baby shower to celebrate a woman's rite of passage into motherhood.

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Respectfully inspired by a sacred Navajo ceremony, called a Blessingway, a Mother's Blessing is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the mama-to-be (and recurring mamas, too!) as the women in her life come together as her ‘village’ to show their support and love for her as she continues on this journey.

Since the Mother's Blessing is all about supporting the mother to be on her journey, ask her what would help support her the most at this phase in her journey, alongside a few of our favourite activities to include in her Mother Blessing.

Lift her up

Discussing positive, happy birth stories in a circle is one of the best ways to calm an anxious mama. She’s probably feeling a little lost and frightened, so hearing how other women got through it is a big help. 

She may also want to take this time to ask questions, or voice her concerns. Being around a positive group of strong women telling their birth stories is one of the most magical things you can experience.

You can also go around the circle and talk about the guest of honor, or tell your favorite story of her.

Make her feel beautiful

Pregnant women are truly the most gorgeous people, but not all women feel that way while pregnant. Maybe she feels too big, swollen, frumpy, etc. Making a flower wreath for her is a great option.

Photo courtesy of Megan Boone

I also love adorning her with henna (it’s a safe and medicinal natural dye) art on the belly. Call around to your local henna artists to see if they can do it, or even just use non toxic washable paints! The result is a stunning work of art that is truly unique and will leave her feeling beautiful and empowered.

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Light the way

When you know she has gone into labor, light a candle in solidarity. You can blow it out once the baby has made it earth-side.


Cutting the cord

At the ceremony, pass around a ball of yarn for the guests to wrap around their wrists as many times as they would like, and they pass it to the next person. You can wish them joy, a swift, easy birth, etc. The idea is the network of these women being all together. The mama-to-be is the last one to wrap it and cut it. You then keep the yarn around your wrist until the baby has arrived.


Photo courtesy of Cat McAteer

Fill her cup

Write the mama stories or jokes and seal it in an envelope. These uplifting letters can be read during labor, breastfeeding late nights, or whenever she seems to be in a slump. It’s a wonderful reminder that we’re all in this together and that it truly does take a village.

Be with her in spirit

One of the rituals I adore most about the Mother Blessing  is having all the participants create a necklace for the mama to be to wear during childbirth. In fact, this ritual was actually the inspiration for the Mama Mala Kit.

All of the women in attendance add a few beads to the strand, infusing it with their love, well wishes and intentions for the mama to be and the baby. The mama then uses it as a focal point during labor where she can call upon the wonderful energy all of her sisters put into the piece.

The wonderful thing about the activities you do at the ceremony, is that they will help her as she continues on with her labor as well.

Today when women become pregnant there are lots of baby showers and gifts for the baby. It can be overwhelming and a bit nerve wracking.

At a Mother's Blessing, no gifts are brought, but bringing a ready made freezer meal is a great way to help her family after the baby has arrived.

With a Mother Blessing, it’s all about the mama and helping her get through her fears, building up her confidence and sharing positive, healing stories. Helping her become mentally and physically prepared for not only the birth, but what comes after.


Photo courtesy of Cat McAteer


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