A New Moon Ceremony is the perfect way to set your intentions and connect with the cycles of nature. Check out our free downloadable guide to creating a new moon ceremony for the entire family and a bonus guided new moon meditation.

New and Full Moon Ceremonies connect you to the feminine energies of the moon, increase your intuition, and open you up to the cycles of introspection and manifestation that allow your life to flow with ease. 

Because the new moon symbolizes new beginnings and unlimited potential, it is the perfect time to reflect on your intentions and get motivated to make things happen. In our New Moon Ceremony we will:

  • Create a space for connection and intuition to shine
  • Open our hearts to our truest intentions with a guided Heart Opening Meditation
  • Set our intentions with a salt bowl ceremony and close with a ritual of gratitude

Complete this ceremony at the New Moon or anytime you feel the need to hit the re-set button and get clear on your goals.

Plan to have your ceremony anywhere you feel connected and calm. We have had ours in the backyard, on the living room floor and beside the ocean while on vacation.

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